Using the Australian Bodycare and P.H.D and Australian Bodycare waxing system which both use Tea Tree or Honey wax. It is professional, hygienic, quick and easy method of hair removal with the assurance there is no danger of infection.

Treatment Time Price
Full leg (includes bikini line) 60 mins £30.00
Half leg 30 mins £16.00
Bikini line 15 mins £10.00
Extended bikini line 15 mins £14.50
Brazilian bikini line 30 mins £18.50
Under arm 15 mins £8.50
Backs of thighs 15 mins £10.00
Whole back or chest 30 mins £20.00
Whole arms 30 mins £18.00
Forearms 25 mins £14.00
Lip or chin 15 mins £6.50
Eyebrows 20 mins £8.00
Lip and eyebrows 25 mins £12.50
Lip or chin 25 mins £6.50
Lip, chin and eyebrows 30 mins £16.50
Sides of face 20 mins £6.50

Book now by calling 0115 9226200 or email bookings@pastichetherapy.co.uk


If you wish to cancel your appointment, please give as much notice as possible or a charge may have to be taken for lost time.

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