Dermalogica Skin Care Treatments

After a thorough consultation and skin analysis your therapist will design a skin care treatment customised for your needs, targeting specific concerns and helping to restore a healthy skin.

Prescription Facial

This treatment includes double cleansing, power exfoliation, manual extraction, face and shoulder massage, treatment masque and homecare advice. You may also choose a Touch Therapy to include in your facial treatment.

Treatment Time Price
45mins £32.50
60mins £36.50
90mins £48.50
Touch Therapies

  • Stress relief back therapy
  • Scalp and neck therapy
  • Reflex foot therapy
15 Mins £12.00

The 90 minute facial includes a contour masque that is soothing and toning to the skin.

Multivitamin Power System

A specialised skin care treatment which helps reverse the signs of premature ageing. Pure concentrated vitamins stimulate collagen and promote the healing process of skin tissue, therefore calming sun damaged, sensitive and stressed skin types.

Treatment Time Price
60mins £38.50

Skin Exfoliant System

Exfoliating Alpha hydroxy acid complex (AHA’S) speeds up the renewal of new skin cells leaving the skin smooth and refined. This treatment suits all skin conditions particular dehydrated, mature, sun damaged and acne skin.

Treatment Time Price
60mins £38.50

Clinical Colloidal Oatmeal

This facial treatment help soothe ultra sensitive skin by helping to boost the immune function of skin and calm irritation and stress.

Treatment Time Price
60mins £38.50

Aromatherapy Facial

A deep cleansing and exfoliating peel will restore your skins healthy radiance. The aromatherapy pressure point massage that follows will stimulate blood circulation and revitalise the skins tissues while the feet or hands experience a soothing massage. Finish with a masque and moisturising cream to reveal a healthy glow.

Treatment Time Price
60mins £36.50

Eye Treatment

A treatment for the sensitive eye area. Incorporating special pressure point massage to help reduce dark circles, puffiness, tired eyes, and promote firm skin tissue.

Treatment Time Price
45mins £25.50
Booked with any facial 20mins £12.50

Book now by calling 0115 9226200 or email

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