Spa Body Therapy

Hydro Active Mineral Salt Exfoliation

A blend of mineral rich sea salts, nourishing sea weed, essential oils, and exfoliating fruit enzymes leave the skin looking silken and feeling smooth. The treatment is followed by a soothing massage using nourishing body cream.

Treatment Time Price
60mins £38.00
Can be incorporated with any Spa Body Treatment 30mins £15.00

Enzymatic Sea Mud Treatment

A warm detoxifying and exfoliating sea mud pack which is rich in sea weed, skin smoothing fruit enzymes and essential oils which help to sooth and relax.

Treatment Time Price
60mins £40.00

Body Therapy Hydro Pack

Fortified with antioxidants and concentrated essential oils this hydrating masque is applied warm all over the body. It can be customised for stress relief or detoxification.

Treatment Time Price
60mins £40.00

Total Body Wellness

The total body wellness treatment targets stress and tension areas. The unique massage concentrates on the back, feet, back of the legs, face and scalp to ease muscle pain, detoxify and de stress.

Treatment Time Price
1hr 15mins £45.00

Back Treatment

The back is deep cleansed, exfoliated and massaged followed by a warm masque to detoxify or hydrate. This treatment can be customised to treat acne blemishes.

Treatment Time Price
60mins £36.50

Book now by calling 0115 9226200 or email

Cancellations Policy

If you wish to cancel your appointment, please give as much notice as possible or a charge may have to be taken for lost time.

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